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Exchange 2010 Migration

To current Exchange Users:

ITS  will be upgrading the current Exchange 2007 campus e-mail service to Exchange 2010 in early June, with mailbox migration lasting for 3-4 weeks. Please see the below features and benefits expected with the transition to Exchange 2010:

  • All campus voicemail hosted by the same service, including Unified Messaging and Voicemail Only accounts.
  • More robust, full fidelity, end-user experience for web-based connections on Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox browsers
  • Increased storage accommodates more and larger mailboxes
  • Anonymous Calendar is fully supported with an improved interface
  • Spam rule no longer required
  • Improved Calendar sharing with users outside of UM.

To help facilitate the migration, we ask that all current exchange users do the following:

General clean-up:  As with any house or office move the less material the easier the move

  • Please delete unwanted email: check your sent and received folders; empty junk folders
  • Please delete duplicate or unwanted contacts
  • Follow the instructions at for additional tips on reducing the size of your mailbox to facilitate its migration.
  • Remember to empty your Deleted Items folder after taking these steps to make sure that the deleted e-mail will not be moved
  • For users who need to archive older and/or large messages with attachments, there are a number of options available:

1)          Export selected messages into a .PST file and backup the file locally to personal storage or to your User file space (

2)          Move selected messages to your Umich IMAP Account (, this can be done by attaching the mailbox to your email client (Outlook/Entourage) and dragging/dropping the messages within created folders.

Additional Information:   Visit Exchange 2010 Transition Page 

§  Migrations are scheduled to begin in early June and go for 3-4 weeks.  Following the instructions above will help to ensure a smooth transition

§  Visit for more information

§  As always, if additional information is needed contact SI Computing ( or the ITS Service Center at 764-HELP


For Windows XP Users:

On 5/31/2011 SI Computing  will discontinue end-of-life support for the Microsoft Windows XP Operating System for SI managed laptops and workstations. Nearing almost decade of use, the Windows XP Operating System has reached a point where it has become increasingly difficult to integrate with new systems and to maintain securely on SI networks.

For users still on Windows XP, SI Computing suggests that you have your machine migrated to the newer Windows 7 Operating System.  There are numerous advantages to upgrading to Windows 7 from XP, some are listed below:

Speed and Performance: This is perhaps the most important reason for upgrading. Windows 7 beats XP in all performance benchmarks.

Security: Windows 7 has numerous security features compared to XP. The majority of vulnerabilities and malware that currently exists for XP do not apply to Windows 7.

Design: Windows 7 features a much more contemporary design scheme, coupled with a huge range of customization options and themes.

Compatibility: Windows 7 is compatible with newer licensed SI applications including 64bit versions.

Please contact the SI Computing Help Desk at your convenience ( to schedule a time to migrate your workstation/laptop to Windows 7.

Note: We understand that there are a small number of SI workstations that need to run Windows XP for compatibility with older versions of software possibly for research and/or financial use. We will work with you to come up with a solution.


-The SI Computing team