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The Ehrlicher Room

The Ehrlicher Room is the premier presentation and lecture room for the School of Information. It is not used as a classroom.

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Room Directions:

Room Information:

  • Room Usage: presentations and special events
  • Capacity:
    • Standing, no chairs or tables: 100
    • Seated, theater style, no tables: 77
    • With rectangular tables: 35 (2 per table) or 54 (3 per table)
  • Equipment/Technology Available:
    • 3 DLP projectors (1 widescreen, 2 standard format)
    • Podium with VGA, audio and ethernet cable hookups
    • Mac OS X computer built-in
    • Windows 7 computer built-in
    • Wireless microphones (2)
    • Blu-ray player
    • Video/audio conferencing information
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